About The Photographer

My name is Jill Piper and I am the photographer and owner at Lasting Image Photography. Photography is always challenging, ever-changing, sometimes difficult, usually fun, and very rewarding. Professionally, I worked in photo labs and busy portrait studios in Maine and California before striking out on my own and founding Lasting Image. 2013 marks my 27th year of studio portrait work and my 17th year photographing weddings. I have photographed literally thousands of people of all ages.

I regularly attend seminars throughout the Northeast to enhance my skills and learn the latest techniques. Entering print competitions allows me to gain new perspective by having my work critiqued by some of the best photographers in the country.

My wonderful husband, Jason, and I live in Minot, Maine, with our three dogs — Zeus, a Rottweiler who is truly a ‘gentle giant’, Maggie, a sweet and funny Bullmastiff who snores A LOT, and our newest addition, Sonny Boy, a mix of 1/2 Dalmation and 3/4 crazy (our most recent foster dog that we just couldnt give up). When I’m not working, odds are pretty good that you’ll find me doing volunteer work for North East Rottweiler Rescue & Referral. I am the Volunteer Coordinator for the state of Maine, and very active in fundraising, event coordination, and sometimes fostering adoptable dogs. I also do volunteer work for American Bullmastiff Association Rescue Service and Almost Home Rescue.

Millions of dogs are euthanized every year in shelters across the United States, due to pet overpopulation and lack of good homes. Please spay or neuter all your pets, and save a life by adopting from a shelter or rescue group.

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