What to Expect

There are several things that set Lasting Image Photography apart from other portrait studios. Here are just a few of them!

  • An experienced photographer. I have been photographing professionally since 1985. You can read more about me and my experience in the ‘About Me’ section of the website. I am trained and confident with posing individuals so they look their best, and small and large groups for a pleasing composition, but I also really enjoy the more modern ‘less-posed’ style of photography. I have vast experience photographing children of all ages and I work hard to get the best expressions. Are you afraid your child may be uncooperative or even pitch a screaming, thrashing fit during the session? Don’t worry, I’ve seen it all. We’ll get through it and you’ll be amazed by the results.
  • The best of both worlds. Lasting Image Photography is located in the middle of 70 acres in Minot. The indoor studio is large and comfortable with a wide variety of backdrops. Outside the studio it gets even better! We have a stream and a pond within a few steps of the studio, and many little outdoor photo areas scattered throughout the property, with more spots being added each year. Oftentimes we will hop on ‘Big Bird’ (a bright yellow golf cart) and drive around photographing in various areas. If you have a special location in mind (your home or a public location), you can choose to have your session done on location instead.
  • Full service and highest quality products. Your session is completely customized and never rushed. We offer our expertise to guide you from start to finish. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients and offering the best in personalized, incredible service and superior quality products, crafted by professional-grade labs. We spend a great amount of time before, during and after your session to make sure you get photographic memories and art that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

Here’s what you can expect after you book your portrait session with Lasting Image Photography:

  • Once you book your session, you’ll receive a fabulous little welcome packet that’s chock full of information and details to help plan your session and get you excited about the endless possibilities for your images.
  • Next comes a pre-session consultation. This can be done in person or over the phone. We’ll discuss the personalities of each family member being photographed, ideas, clothing, and what your goals are for the photography. I’ll assist with wardrobe choices and color schemes.
  • On the day of your session, show up with a willing spirit and a sense of humor. Leave the worrying to me and just let me work my magic. At the end of your session, we’ll set up a date approximately 10 days later for your Session Premiere.
  • A few days after your session, I’ll post an image or two on the blog (with your permission) as a Sneak Peak, just to give you a little taste of what’s to come.
  • The most exciting part of the experience will be your fabulous Session Premiere. At your Premiere you will enjoy the debut of your portrait session in a one-of-a-kind big-screen slideshow set to custom music while you enjoy a delectable dessert. We’ll take all the guesswork out of ordering and help you choose the portrait collection that best fits your needs and style, as well as go over our a la carte options. You will receive special pricing the night of your Session Premiere only.
  • Approximately three weeks after the Session Premiere, you’ll be enjoying your finished order!

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Questions? Give us a call at (207) 966-3680.

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